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  • magnetic separationassembly and method -promegacorporation

    What is needed is a magnetic particle or complex separation assembly having a removable invertible rack which can accommodate a variety of specimen containers, which permits decanting of the contents of the specimen containers without cross contamination of the contents of the specimen containers, which utilizes a magnetic support member adapted to conveniently receive the removable invertible …

  • magnespheretechnology magnetic separation stands-promega

    PolyATtract® System 1000 Magnetic Separation Stand. PolyATtract® System 1000 とともに複数のサンプルより磁性体粒子で生体分子を単離するためのマグネットスタンド. Z5410

  • magnabot96 magnetic separation device-promega

    The MagnaBot® 96 Magnetic Separation Device is designed for high-throughput bioseparation using magnetic particles such as MagneSil® Paramagnetic Particles, which use the principle of magnetic separation as an alternative to vacuum filtration and centrifugation separation formats. This device is compatible with Collection Plates (Cat.#

  • magnetic bead separations systems for bottles, tubes, and

    The VP 772F2R-1 is a rack holding FOURTEEN 1.5 ml conical test tubes which can be manually or robotically placed over the magnetic base and the magnetic beads in the test tubes are rapidly separated by the large and powerful magnetic field generated by the VP 772F2M-1. The dimension's of the base follow the SBS microplate convention so it is ready to use on most robotic workstations

  • magnabot iimagnetic separationdevice -promega

    The MagnaBot® II Magnetic Separation Device is designed to work with a 96-well PCR plate. A 96-well PCR plate containing MagneSil® Paramagnetic Particles is placed on the unit to draw the particles to the side and away from the bottom of each well. This allows the quantitative removal of liquids

  • magjet magnetic bead-basedpurification | thermo fisher

    A magnetic separation racks intended for low-throughput magnetic bead manipulation procedures such as magnetic bead-based nucleic acid isolation

  • resins, magnetic beads&racksinformation | neb

    Magnetic particles are ideally suited for applications involving high-throughput proteomic screening, small-scale protein isolation, immunomagnetic isolations or cell separation experiments. With magnetic beads, affinity purification of tagged proteins, antigens, antibodies and nucleic acids can be done conveniently and quickly, with minimal

  • 12-tube magnetic separation rack| neb

    12-Tube Magnetic Separation Rack. The 12-Tube Magnetic Separation Rack is designed to be used for small-scale separations using magnetic particles. Strong magnets: Neodymium rare …

  • polyattract system 1000 magnetic separation stand

    The PolyATtract® System 1000 Magnetic Separation Stand is designed for use with the PolyATtract® System 1000 and is ideal for applications requiring multiple paramagnetic isolations of biomolecules. The stand uses a strong rare earth magnet and can be used with both 15ml and 50ml tubes (includes an adapter for use with 15ml tubes)

  • magnespheretechnology magnetic separation stands

    The MagneSphere® Technology Magnetic Separation Stands can be used in conjunction with any of the PolyATtract® Systems and are ideal for applications requiring multiple paramagnetic isolations of biomolecules. These stands use the same strong rare earth magnet used in the PolyATtract® Systems Magnetic Separation Stands and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate 2–96 samples

  • promegamagnesphere 12-tubemagnetic separationstand #

    Z5343. Up for sale are multiple Promega #Z5343 MagneSphere 12-tube magnetic separation stands. These stands are all used, in excellent condition. They are clean and ready to use. You can enter the number of stands that you need in the box above

  • magnesphere magnetic separation productsprotocol

    The MagneSphere® Magnetic Separation Stands may be used in conjunction with SA-PMPs and any of the PolyATtract® Systems. The MagneSphere® Stands use the same samarium/cobalt magnet used in the PolyATtract® Systems and are provided in a variety of sizes to accommodate 10–96 samples at a time. Printed in USA. Revised 6/09

  • magnetic separation rackat thomas scientific

    MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack is a novel, innovative extraction tool that is designed for nucleic acid extraction or protein purification using magnetic nanobeads. Since the rack utilizes magnetic method, extraction and purification are much faster and easier compared to that of column method.… Related Products: Magnetic Rack

  • us6193892b1 -magnetic separation assembly and method

    Provided are a magnetic particle separation assembly and method for separating a magnetically responsive complex from a non-magnetic test media in which the magnetically responsive complex is

  • magnetic separationdevice for 96 well icroplates

    Magnetic Separation Racks Vwr. Description the deep well magnabotr 96 magnetic separation device is designed for highthroughput bioseparation in deepwell plates using magnetic particles suc catalog number pav8241 magnabot 384 magnetic separation device promega magnetic bead separation blocks 384 well microplates vp scientific inc ms retrieving each

  • magnetic isolation| biocompare

    A variety of products are available for the magnetic isolation of desired cell types. Such tools typically utilize magnetic beads that can bind to key cell surface markers. In the presence of a magnetic separator, cells of interest can then be enriched and collected (positive separation) or undesired cells can be removed or depleted (negative

  • turbobeads - home

    May 22, 2007 · Fast magnetic separation. Our Products the most magnetic nanoparticles on the market Silica coated beads for RNA isolation. Silica coated TurboBeads for viral RNA capture 10 ml. $300.00 Magnetic beads for rapid viral RNA and DNA capture extraction from buccal, nasal and nasopharyngeal swabs using GTC buffers