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  • list of ore companies in sierra leone

    Blue Bone Logistics Ltd. Logistics company specializing in Coltan trading. The company offers Coltan for sale with grade... Bay Investment Ltd Bay investment is mining company in Sierra Leone, West Africawith tons of premium Zircon sand, and... Kadiam Mining Address: Business

  • list of minerals & metallurgy companies in sierra leone

    Local Miners Corp Ltd.. Commodity: (AU) Gold Bar and Rough, uncut diamonds Sellers from Sierra Leone, Freetown, West... Global Trend International. West Africa Zircon Mining (SL) Ltd.. We running Alluvial Mining Project in Sierra Leone, we export zircon middling which... Magburuaka Local Miners

  • companies in sierra leone - company list

    Gold Coast Mining Company (Sierra-leone) Ltd Info Email Phone 3rd Floor Reliance Building 24 Siaka Stevens Street Freetown... Alloy Agricultural Greenhouses Other Non-Metallic Minerals & Products Balers Farm Machinery. Amax Gold Trading Group Ltd Info Email Phone Freetown 26 Wilkinson Road Freetown Alloy Antique Imitation Crafts Aluminum Scrap Metal Scrap Minerals & Metallurgy

  • 3 mining companies in sierra leone

    Featured companies Gold Coast Mining Company (Sierra-leone) Ltd Info Email Phone 3rd Floor Reliance Building 24 Siaka Stevens Street Freetown... Alloy Balers Agricultural Greenhouses Other Non-Metallic Minerals & Products Farm Machinery

  • list of companies in sierra leone

    Browse by Countries Local Miners Corp Ltd. Emerald Mining Company Sri Rushab Trade Link Ltd MINES AND DIAMOND LTD aobab engineering and construction company ltd Mohammed Aruna local miner group in kenema Almas Impex Company Limited GULF BEVERAGES COMPANY LIMITED Azmil Mineral Destiny Metal J Taaba

  • gold mining in sierra leone, gold bar, gold dust wholesale

    Shaingama Mining Community - Gold Mining Company Sierra Leone is famed for having huge deposits of gold and diamond. S haingama Mining Community is the leading wholesale suppliers of Gold in Sierra Leone which offers the best collection of products to its customers

  • diamonds company list in sierra leone

    MetalGem Corp SL Ltd. 37 Swaray street, Kenema, Sierra Leone Freetown, Kenema. We are engage in mining Gold dust and Rough diamonds gemstones in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We are looking for …

  • mining in sierra leone- projectsiq

    Africa Mining IQ, Africa's largest online mining intelligence database, currently indexes over 25 mining projects in Sierra Leone as part of an intelligence database listing over 1 850 projects in Africa. These include 6 diamond, 5 gold, 11 iron ore, 2 nickel, 1 uranium and 1 industrial project. Several of these projects are in the feasibility, pre-feasibility and bankable stages, and are currently tendering for project …

  • allmining companies in sierra leone-company list

    Gold Coast Mining Company (Sierra-leone) Ltd Info Email Phone 3rd Floor Reliance Building 24 Siaka Stevens Street Freetown... Alloy Balers Agricultural Greenhouses Other …

  • list of mining companies operating sierra leone

    Sierra Leone | Dove Diamonds & Mining Inc. Sierra Leone has been a major diamond producer for 70 years, but it has ... in Kenema District, and compensated the company for surrendering its rights ... Currently, the mining business in Sierra Leone includes about …

  • findminingexpertisein sierra leone

    Sierra Rutile’s rutile mine and Sierra Minerals’ bauxite mine are two of the largest private sector employers in the country. Granite, sand, clay and stone for aggregates are quarried in Sierra Leone

  • in sierra leone,ten mining companies suspended. |sierra

    The affected companies are: 1. Sierra Leone Gouji Mining Company Limited, 2. Kripto International Mining Company (SL) Ltd, 3. Top Target Investment (SL) Ltd, 4. Allied Mining Supply Limited, 5. Sierra Leone Diamonds Limited, 6. Total Global Steel Company Limited, 7. Golden Leo Resources Limited, 8. Metal Exploration (Maritius) Limited and 9

  • list of companies in sierra leone- page 2

    Address:71,Berwick street Freetown Freetown 00232 Sierra Leone Africa .Mining Company (Sl) Lmt gold, diamond, scrap, metal. Address:26, wilkinson road freetown wester africa 0023222 Sierra Leone African Pride Ltd agricultural, natural, cheap, good products. Address:53 johnson street aberdeen freetown western area 232 Sierra Leone Memunatu Balla

  • natural resources- investingin sierra leone

    Sierra Leone is a resource-rich country with significant deposits of iron ore, diamonds, bauxite, rutile and gold, as outlined in the Sierra Leone at a Glance section. In 2013, before the drop in commodity prices and the outbreak of Ebola, mining revenues (including licensing fees, signature bonuses, royalties, income tax, customs duties and other non-tax mining revenues) accounted for

  • 12,476 registeredcompanies in sierra leonesierra

    The Commissioner of Corporate Affairs Commission Sierra Leone, has disclosed that there are 12,476 registered companies in Sierra Leone. Making the disclosure at the Government’s weekly press briefing in Freetown last Thursday, Commissioner Michaela Makaa furthered that 50% of those registered companies are non-functional

  • mantrac group -sierra leone

    They gave us brand-new machines and we paid a litte bit every month. So, it's like work and pay; you work and get your money and then use a small amount to pay for the machine

  • bauxite fromsierra leone

    Sierra Mineral Holdings 1 Limited (hereinafter referred to as SMHL) a subsidiary of the Vimetco N.V , a private entity with major operating subsidiaries, Alro SA (88% owned) listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and Henan Zhongfu Industry (53.9% owned) listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. SMHL is one of the arms of Vimetco Holdings – one of the largest Aluminium producers in the world and has …

  • goldminingon the upswingin sierra leone

    Jan 27, 2016 · Large Mining Companies in Sierra Leone. Today the majority of the gold mined in Sierra Leone comes from small-scale operations around alluvial gold deposits, although big firms have been making inroads into the sector with the aim of setting up large commercial mining. In fact after the end of the civil war in the mid-2000s, the exploration